France honours Suzanne Fortier [fr]

Decoration ceremony:
Presentation of the insignia
of Officer of the National Order of Merit
to Dr. Suzanne Fortier

By the Ambassador of France
Tuesday, December 18th, 2012
at the Residence of France

Originally from St-Timothée, Quebec, Dr. Fortier developed a lifelong curiosity and a passion for science at an early age.

Dr. Fortier held a number of other positions before becoming President of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) in 2006. In her role as President, a position to which she was reappointed for a second five-year mandate in 2010, Dr. Fortier oversees NSERC’s primary funding programs for Canadian research in the “exact” sciences.

...… Over the past few years, France has experienced a number of significant reforms to its higher education and research systems, reforms with which you have been directly involved. In fact, you were part of the international jury that assigned the label of “Excellence Initiative” or “IDEX” to French academic and scientific centres that will, in the years to come, dedicate significant resources to supporting our country in terms of international research.

As of 2012, you also sit on the Strategic Planning Committee of the Bordeaux Excellence Initiative.

It is your career as both a scientist and a research administrator, your contribution to building closer scientific ties between Canada and France, and your personality and your courage in the face of the difficulties that you have overcome that we honour today.

The National Order of Merit rewards individuals—French citizens or others—who have rendered distinguished civilian or military service to the Republic of France. Given your exceptional accomplishments, Suzanne Fortier, there is no doubt that you have fulfilled these conditions.

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