Fine-fragrance Perfumer from France: Christophe Laudamiel – A Must-See Event!

On Friday May 21, at the Canadian Tulip Festival, Christophe Laudamiel, “the enfant terrible of perfumery,” talked about everything you ever wanted to know about the sense of smell and perfumes but never thought of asking.

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How does the olfactory system work? Why
is the sense of smell as important for the brain as the other senses? How are perfumes created?

The sense of smell has too often been neglected, and mystery still surrounds the ways in which it functions. However, it plays an important role in our approach to the world. Some smells can touch us on a more personal level: the smell of coffee, freshly cut grass, the perfume of someone close to us… Scents give rhythm to our daily life!

Christophe Laudamiel has been captivated by smells from a very young age. Very early on, he started to discover exotic fruits, spices, herbs and flowers while living in France and New Caledonia (the Pacific). After developing into a brilliant chemist, he received his Perfumer-Creator Degree from Procter & Gamble and became the company’s senior perfumer. His numerous creations include London by Burberry, Polo Blue for Men by Ralph Lauren and True Star Gold by Tommy Hilfiger.

With a unique perspective on perfumery, he practices it as a form of art. In his desire to serve the public, Christophe Laudamiel shares his passion by giving conferences around the world. He is also the President of the Academy of Perfumery and Aromatics in New York.

The conference, organized by the Canadian Tulip Festival and Diffusart International in collaboration with the Embassy of France in Canada, was presented in English at the Mirror Tent in Major’s Hill Park on Friday May 21 from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm.

- Interview Radio Canada / Le monde selon Mathieu (May 21, 2010 / in French)

- Interview CBC / All In A Day (en direct, le 21 mai)
Fri, May 21 - Guest Host Stu Mills:
Can you bottle the scent of Paris in 1738? Christophe Laudamiel can. He’s an avant-garde perfumer and we’ll meet him in our first hour.
Plus, our regular political panel, a live music session with Jack Pelletier & The Battle of Ontario, and a special disco remix as a Friday long-song treat.
All that and more, today on All in a Day.


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