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The Office for Science and Technology promotes, encourages and assists the development of scientific and university multilateral partnerships supported by the European Commission.

Erasmus Mundus Program

Erasmus Mundus Program is the European Commission’s flagship program in the area of higher education and has a budget of close to 1 billion euros for the period 2009-2013. Erasmus Mundus has for the objective to improve the quality of higher education, to develop international mobility, and to facilitate a better understanding between different peoples and cultures.

Non-European countries, such as Canada, can partner with consortiums of European establishments to offer proposals regarding :

  • Joint Master’s and PhD programs (action 1)
  • International mobility programs Europe-third party (action 2 / strand 2 targeting specifically North America)

For more information, visit the following European Commission webpage.

As a follow-up of the info sessions regarding European programs for higher education and research held in Vancouver and Toronto on Nov. 5th and 8th 2011, you will find below the panelist presentations:

PDF - 1.2 Mb
Eramsus Mundus Master course - IMACS
(PDF - 1.2 Mb)
PDF - 708.3 kb
Erasmus Mundus - Canada
(PDF - 708.3 kb)
PDF - 396.7 kb
International Doctoral School - IDS FunMat
(PDF - 396.7 kb)
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Others EU programs - Autres prog. europééns
(PDF - 824.6 kb)

Find below the video presentations of the 2011 info sessions:

Erasmus Mundus : opportunity for Canadian Universities (Hélène Pinaud, agence 2e2f) Erasmus Mundus : IMACS Master (Christian Detellier, University of Ottawa) Erasmus Mundus : IDSFunmat PhD program (Eric Prouzet, University of Waterloo)

Erasmus Mundus: ICN exchange program (Larry Roberts, McMaster University) Erasmus Mundus : Interview of former canadians students Others European programs for higher education (Terri-Ann Priel, Delagation for European Union in Canada)

Also, for all videos and presentations from the 2010 Erasmus Mundus information session, click here.

The 7th Framework Program for Research and Development

The 7th Framework Program (7th FP) of the European Union serves as the umbrella program for all the EU initiatives associated with scientific research. The Program has a total budget of more than 50 billion euros.
Knowledge building is at the heart of the EU’s Lisbon strategy in the EU’s effort to become “the most dynamic and competitive knowledge economy in the world.”
The 7th FPRD includes numerous calls for projects, some of which may address projects for scientific cooperation France-Canada and more broadly, Europe-Canada.

You will find below the presentations given during the EU FP7 info sessions in Vancouver and Toronto on Nov. 5th and 8th 2011:

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(PDF - 505.6 kb)
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Marie Curie Fellowship
(PDF - 1.7 Mb)

The video presentations regarding EU FP7 and opportunities for canadian researchers which have been shown at the November 2011 info session are now available below:

EraCan and FP7 : Opportunities for Canadian researchers (Mélodie Cardin, EraCan) Marie-Curie postdoc scholarship program

The Program Transatlantic Exchange Partnerships / Transatlantic Degree Partnerships (TEP/TDP)

This program has been suspended until further consideration

The Program Transatlantic Exchange Partnerships / Transatlantic Degree Partnerships (TEP/TDP)

This program encourages the development of academic partnerships between Europe and Canada.
Each year, a call for projects is launched with the aim to create consortiums of European and Canadian institutions and exchange programs organized around specific themes.
Since 2010, the program has also provided support for the creation of joint Europe-Canada degrees.

The maximum funding includes € 200,000 over a three-year period for exchange programs and €450,000 over a four-year period for joint degrees.

For more information, visit the webpage of the European Commission.

For more information, visit :

You can find below a pdf document describing the existing european programs for research and higher education:

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"European programs for research and higher education" booklet
(PDF - 93.4 kb)

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