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Building Digital Skills

June 4, 2013, Toronto

Following the France-Canada Digital Summit entitled “The Future of Digital Content” (Ottawa, November 15–16, 2012), the Embassy of France in Canada, the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) and Ryerson University organized a forward-looking summit in Toronto on Tuesday, June 4th, 2013, to bring together public- and private-sector players from France and Canada to discuss digital professions.

Guests were invited to discuss their respective analyses of such issues as identifying and attracting digital talent, training programs for new digital professions, and support for digital talent in both the labour market and in the process of founding companies.

The objective was twofold: to provide concrete recommendations to government agencies and to explore the implementation of new cooperative projects between our two countries within the field of professional training.

These issues, of critical importance to the future of our two countries, were discussed over the course of a day-long event bringing together roughly thirty influential partners representing the economic sector (Ubisoft, Linagora, Aquafadas, Interactive Ontario, Entertainment Software Association, and Netvibes, etc.), the academic world (Ryerson University, University of Waterloo, York University, University of Toronto, Ecole Polytechnique, Ina Sup, Ecole nationale du jeu et des médias interactifs numériques, etc.), competitiveness clusters/incubators (Pôle Magelis, Digital Media Zone, MaRS…) and public and government organizations.

"The fastest emerging sectors in the Canadian economy face serious potential skills shortages without strong partnerships between educators, industry and governments. This event is a unique opportunity to share approaches to ensuring there is a both a supply of skilled digital workers and demand for their talent. We look forward to sharing the outcomes of this discussion in the coming months," said Namir Anani, President and CEO of the Information and Communications Technology Council.

The issues of economic attractiveness, training, and appreciation of creative talent have never been of such crucial importance, as the Canadian and French governments, in addition to other public and private actors, are taking measures to promote the digital sector—an essential aspect of the 21st-century economy—to the greatest possible extent. France and Canada excel in this regard: institutions of higher learning, bold start-up ventures, and markets defined by economic and creative dynamism, but we must go further in a world that has become very competitive. We expect that this forward-looking meeting will result in a series of recommendations that will be prove useful to public policy in our two countries”, says Thomas Michelon, Cultural Counsellor at the Embassy of France in Canada.

This event took place as part of the i-Canada Summit – Highly Intelligent Communities, which took place on June 3–4 in Toronto at the Waterfront Campus of George Brown College (51 Dockside Drive, Toronto).

Dr. Cukier’s presentation

Dr. Wendy Cukier is Vice-President, Research and Innovation at the Ryerson University

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Dr. Cukier’s presentation - Canada/France Digital Skills forum (ppt - 828 Ko)
(Powerpoint - 828.1 kb)

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