#COP21 - What’s on the table for #COP21? [fr]

What’s on the table for #COP21? Each day, the Ambassador will give you the rundown in less than 60 seconds.

Large-scale initiatives have already been developed by a wide range of non-government actors: cities, regions, companies, associations, etc.;

The Agenda of Solutions is a collection of best practices for all of these actors. The goal is to highlight these practices and to make it easier to share these ideas.

Tuesday, December 8th: businesses and local actors

Saturday December 5th: Action Day

Friday December 4th : private financing and on short-lived polluants

Thursday, Decembre 3rd : transportation and construction

Wednesday, December 2nd : climate resilience of communities

Tuesday, December 1st : agriculture and forestry


Last modified on 09/12/2015

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