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Dalkia to design and operate one of Canada’s largest biomass plants

JPEG Dalkia and Canadian fund Fengate Capital Management Ltd. will develop one of Canada’s largest biomass plants which will be designed, built and operated by Dalkia in Fort St. James, British Columbia.

Dalkia and Fengate Capital Management Ltd. have closed the financing for this state of the art biomass plant. Under this DFBOM (Design, Finance, Build, Operate and Maintain) contract, Dalkia will operate and maintain the facilities and manage the wood biomass supply and preparation.

JPEG Funding for this project, one of the largest in Canada and North America, will be provided by the Canadian fund Fengate Capital Management Ltd. leading an international pool of banks. Dalkia and Fengate Capital Management Ltd. have contracted Iberdrola Engineering & Construction to build the plant.

With an electricity capacity of 40 MW, this new plant will consume 307,000 metric tons of biomass a year. Dalkia will manage the biomass supply working closely with local forestry companies, sawmills and the First Nations. The biomass used by this plant will largely comprise waste from the British Columbia forestry industry, such as sawmill and logging waste, and trees killed by the mountain pine beetle epidemic that has ravaged British Columbia forests over past ten years.

This plant will generate electricity sold to BC Hydro & Power Authority to power almost 40,000 Canadian households. It will avoid the annual discharge of around 95,000 metric tons of CO2 - the equivalent of more than 45,000 cars off the road.

The project will also create around 250 jobs during the construction phase, and then 80 new direct and indirect jobs during the 30-year operation period.

Franck Lacroix, Chairman of Dalkia

"This project will capitalize on Dalkia’s worldwide experience in designing and operating more than 450 biomass plants. In winning this contract, Dalkia has demonstrated its know-how and expertise, and the relevance of its international growth strategy. Dalkia and Fengate Capital Management Ltd. are together finalizing an identical biomass power plant in Merritt, British Columbia."

Dalkia will operate the coming biomass plant in Fort Saint James


(Source : Dalkia)

Mark Halinaty appointed new President and CEO for Thales Canada

Mr. Halinaty previously held various roles within the company including Vice-president & Managing Director Defence & Security in Ottawa, Vice-president Operations for Thales Canada overseeing its Transportation, Defence & Security and Avionics businesses, and Vice-president and Technical Director for Thales Canada’s Transportation Solutions, located in Toronto.

During his tenure, he has been involved in a wide range of projects and held a number of key commercial and technical positions within the company, including Managing Director of Thales Rail Signalling Solutions in the UK.

JPEGMr. Halinaty joined Alcatel Transportation (acquired by Thales in 2007) in 1983 as a safety engineer working on the original deployments of the company’s automated communications-based train control system.

As a licenced professional engineer with more than 25 years of experience, Mr. Halinaty has also been involved in the space and nuclear power technology fields.

Mr. Halinaty holds a degree in Engineering Physics from Queens University and an MBA from the University of Toronto.

"Thales Canada Inc. had a continued and growing presence in Canada since early 80’s," said Mark Halinaty. “World leader supplier for ground transportation control and safety systems (CBTC) and first-class Fly-By-Wire designer and supplier, Thales-Canada has also become a trusted Tier 1 prime contractor and premier system integrator for the Canadian military across all Services. Our ability to partner with many Canadian companies to leverage technology transfers has positioned us as one of Canada’s best system solution providers that meets today Canadian defense industrial policy objectives.”

Thales Canada wins Five-Year, $20M Research and Development Contract with National Defence.

JPEGThales Canada announced today that it has been awarded a five-year, $20 million contract to lead innovative science and technology projects enhancing Canada’s public safety and national security. The work will be led by Thales Canada from the new Thales Research and Technology Canada Centre in Quebec City. Thales and a team of 18 technology partners will carry out the work for Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC), a division of National Defence.

We are proud that our new Thales Research and Technology Canada Centre will be playing a role to help protect our great country - Canada,” highlighted Mark Halinaty, newly appointed President and CEO, Thales Canada Inc. “Thales Canada was selected as the industry leader because we have the ability to harness knowledge and expertise in a number of scientific and technical domains. We are committed to developing new expertise and technologies and we understand the complexity of the challenges pertaining to science and technology.”

Thales Canada practices an “open innovation” approach to R&D. They will share innovations with several cross-Canada technology partners, giving them the opportunity to benefit from the intelligence gathered and intellectual property developed throughout the life of the contract. It is anticipated that there will be development of new concepts, technologies, capabilities and systems that military intelligence will use to support their future missions with the Canadian Armed Forces and Allies.

The number of jobs created over the five-year life span of this contract award is estimated to be around 50, with 60 different types of occupations required including programmers, system engineers, and subject matter experts.

Here is the list of Thales Canada’s cross-Canada core team Science and Technology Partners:

C3 Human Factors Consulting Inc.
Champoux Williams Consultants Inc.
OODA Technologies Inc.

About Thales

Thales is a global technology leader for the Defence & Security, Aerospace & Transport markets. In 2012, the company generated revenues of €14.2 billion ($18.3 billion CAD) with 65,000 employees in 56 countries. With its 25,000 engineers and researchers, Thales has a unique capability to design, develop and deploy equipment, systems and services that meet the most complex security requirements. Thales has an exceptional international footprint, with operations around the world working with customers as local partners.

Thales Canada has 1,300 employees in Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, Tor­onto and Vancouver working in Defence & Security, Aerospace and Transportation. Order intake from Thales operations in Canada exceeded $570 million (CAD) for 2012 from urban rail system solutions, civil avionics, and defence and security technology and services.

(Source : Thales group)

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