Conference with Philippe Chanial [fr]

Philippe Chanial


October 17, 2012
10am- 5pm


« La sociologie comme philosophie politique, et réciproquement... »

"Sociology as political philosophy, and vice versa"

University of Ottawa, Desmarais building, room FSS 4006

Workshop and lecture in French, entrance free

October 18, 2012
3pm - 5pm


« Ce que le don donne à voir : la délicate essence du social »

“What gifts let us see: the delicate nature of social issues”

University of Ottawa, FSS - 5028 (new building for social sciences)

How does the gift paradigm lend itself to the construction of a firmly anti-utilitarian general theory of action and interpersonal relations? What does it have to show us about, as Mauss had put it, these “fleeting moments when society sets”, where society takes shape and becomes aware of its members? In this line of thinking, giving is the “sociological act” par excellence, both the symbol and the solidifier of bonds, which, against a backdrop of violence, offers the possibility of a shared world.

This conference offers the opportunity to discuss gift theory, with particular emphasis on the implications of its descriptive and normative dimensions and on comparisons with contemporary theories of gratitude and care.

JPEG Philippe Chanial is a senior lecturer in sociology at Université Paris-Dauphine, a researcher at the Institut de Recherche Interdisciplinaire en Sciences Sociales [Institute for Interdisciplinary Social Science Research] (IRISSO-CNRS), and editor-in-chief of La Revue du MAUSS for the Mouvement Anti-utilitariste dans les Sciences Sociales [Anti-utilitarian Movement in the Social Sciences] (

His works, at the crossroads between sociology, moral and political philosophy, and anthropology, are primarily dedicated to gift theory and interpersonal relationship theory, but they also deal with such themes as gratitude, sympathy, and gratuity, as well as the history of socialism, social protection, and contemporary forms of association.

He has recently published the following works: La sociologie comme philosophie politique, et réciproquement [“Sociology as political philosphy, and vice versa”], La découverte, 2011 ; Eloge de la gratuité [“Gratuity: Praise for the Priceless”] (in collaboration with Alain Caillé), La découverte, 2011 ; La délicate essence du socialisme. L’association, l’individu et la République [“The delicate nature of socialism. Association, the individual and the Republic”], Le Bord de l’eau, 2009; La société vue du don. Manuel de sociologie anti-utilitariste appliqué [“Society from the perspective of giving. Applied anti-utilitarian sociology manual”], La découverte, 2008.


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