Conference by Martin Winckler [fr]

« L’orbite déchiquetée : itinéraire d’un écrivain »

“The jagged orbit: a writer’s path to storytelling”

Conference by Martin Winckler

Wednesday, November 28 at 7PM

(University of Ottawa
Desmarais Building - 55 Laurier Avenue East -
Room 12110)

JPEG For almost 30 years, Martin Winckler has led two simultaneous careers as both a doctor and a writer. He is the author of a dozen novels (including Sachs Disease, Les Trois Médecins and Le Chœur des femmes), short stories, publications about medicine, and essays about television series. His novel Sachs Disease, which won the Prix du Livre Inter in 1998, was adapted into a film by Michel Deville. Martin Winckler has just published a new novel with P.O.L. entitled En souvenir d’André.

At this conference, organized with the financial support of the Canada Council for the Arts by the Département de français of the University of Ottawa, where he will be the writer-in-residence for the fall session, Martin Winckler will retrace his career as a writer over the course of a number of his texts. These texts address several facets of his writing career: novel-writing, critical essays on healthcare, research into ethics and health, reviews of television series, short stories, journalism, and translation.

- This event is offered only in French.

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