Conference Series [fr]

Starting in April 2012 and running through Spring 2013, the Cultural Service of the Embassy of France will be hosting a series of conferences and workshops in partnership with the University of Ottawa.

Nine French specialists will be invited to Canada during the months to come.

The aim of this series is to introduce Canada’s universities to the approach of these leading intellectuals who will be asked to discuss a range of topics, including global and geopolitical issues, Europe, and phenomena of contemporary society.

- Guillaume Garreta will launch the series on April 12 with the workshop devoted to Chantal Mouffe. For further information


- Jean-François Mattéi, Docteur d’État ès-Lettres, Professor of Philosophy, holds a degree in Political Science. He is Professor Emeritus of the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis and Professor of Political Philosophy at the Institut d’Études Politiques d’Aix-en-Provence, Tuesday, April 24, 2012. For further information …
- Sophie Duchesne, Duchesne is Research Director at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) and a member of the Institut des sciences sociales du politique at the Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense, Thursday, April 26, 2012. For further information …

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