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France joins the CCAC


At the G8 Summit at Camp David, France and its G8 partners jointly indicated their intention to join the coalition. France, which is fully engaged in the international negotiations on climate change, supports the actions that will accelerate, on the ground, the necessary shift toward a low carbon economy. It’s with this in mind that France has decided to become a full member of the CCAC (Climate and Clean Air Coalition).

France has thus subscribed to the CCAC framework document, and we pledge to pursue, both through our national efforts as well as our development cooperation, high ambitions with respect to the fight against short-term causes of climate change.

We would like in particular to share within the coalition our expertise with respect to access to clean water and methane capture in landfill sites, two areas in which we are already heavily involved through our bilateral Official Development Assistance actors, as well as through our efforts within the multilateral framework. We will also take great interest in the other courses of action that the coalition proposes to pursue.

This initiative is therefore part of a broader positive momentum which we support: the goal is to develop as many practical cooperation projects as possible that will effectively complement the climate negotiations under the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change).

This initiative must be considered in a broader context, alongside the efforts already being made with respect to these greenhouse gases within the international frameworks that already exist (Montreal Protocol, Gothenburg Protocol) as well as within the framework of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Following the Durban Conference, we must also give priority to speeding up the process of cutting CO2 emissions on a global scale, and to transitioning our economies toward low carbon development models.

Last modified on 25/07/2012

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