Citizen of the Earth : conference programme

Friday 2 February

The formal opening of the Conference
by the President of the Republic at
the Élysée Palace.

Meeting and work in six thematic workshops
at the International Conference Centre
on the Avenue Kléber.


Combating climate disruption
This workshop will analyse, on the basis of the latest
conclusions of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate
Change (IPCC), the impact, cost and consequences of
international inaction on climate change. It will put forward
ambitious measures, especially in the areas of energy
and transport.


Acting together to safeguard biodiversity
This workshop will evaluate the threats facing biodiversity
and assess the impact of its deterioration on human
societies. It will propose a new mode of governance

to safeguard biodiversity. The workshop will highlight
the need for an international expert evaluation of the
situation with regard to biodiversity and will address
new topics now emerging such as high-sea biodiversity.


Combating pollution and protecting health
This workshop will analyse the effects, both global and
local, of air pollution, particularly with regard to public
health, and will take stock of the controls on transfers of
hazardous substances and waste. The workshop will look
at a strengthening of the “polluter pays” principle.


Making water a collective issue
The focus of this workshop will be on sanitation issues,
especially in the developing world, and the actions to be
planned to adapt the management of this resource to
cope with climate change, in conjunction with the
Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).


Changing mentalities and patterns
of production and consumption

This workshop will address the human dimension of the
ecological crisis and the way in which we should face up
to the contemporary challenges raised by population
explosion, uncontrolled urbanisation and mass poverty.
It will recommend changes in individual behaviour and in
patterns of production and consumption.


Strengthening international
environmental governance

This workshop will conduct at a critical overview of the
current approach to international cooperation, which is
characterised by the fragmentation and weakness of the
United Nations system. It will call for a strengthening of
international environmental governance by transforming
the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) into
a fully-fledged United Nations agency (UNEO).

Saturday 3 February

An overview summary of the proceedings
of the workshops and a presentation
of the Conference’s conclusions to the
President of the Republic, at the Élysée Palace.

The Paris Conference will be brought formally
to an end by the President of the Republic
and a call will be sent out for international
mobilisation, at the Élysée Palace, to preserve
ecological balances and the creation of a United
Nations Environment Organization.

The formal opening and closing sessions of the Paris
Conference, in addition to the thematic workshops,
will be open to the press.

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