Cité Internationale des Arts

Residency program in France for international artists of all disciplines.



All areas of contemporary art, plastic arts, design, photography, fashion, new technologies, dance and performing arts, such as dance and current and contemporary music.

Residency program

The Cité Internationale des Arts program is intended for international artists wishing to develop a specific artistic work in France. Studio-flats are provided for artists who want to stay in Paris to develop a research project.


The Cité Internationale des Arts program is intended for individual artists, even if the resident is part of a group or collective project.

General Regulations

- Candidates must be professional artists;
- Candidates must show proof of previous works;
- Candidates must leave their professional activities during the residency period;
- Candidates must work alone to manage their residency; and,
- Candidates must hold a visa.

Selection Procedure

The candidate selection is carried out by the cultural services of French Embassies abroad and CULTURESFRANCE


The residency must last a minimum of three (3) months and a maximum of six (6) months.


CULTURESFRANCE provides studio-flats, which measure 430² ft, with kitchen and bathroom. A museum and art centre pass can be sent to artists if the request submitted along with the file application. Candidates must cover their travel and flight costs.


Completed application deadlines absolutely must be submitted to the French cultural services, at embassies, cultural centres or Alliances Françaises, within the candidate’s country of origin, six months prior to their travel date. The applications will be sent to CULTURESFRANCES.

In Canada, NOT including Quebec, please send your application to the following address:

Ambassade de France - Service culturel
"Cité Internationale des Arts"
464 Wilbrod Street
Ottawa, ON K1N6M8

For more information, please visit the following Web site

Contact information:
au Canada
en France


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