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France-Canada Work Holiday Visa (PVT)

Work Holiday Visa (PVT) is intended for Canadians who wish to visit France for purposes of tourism and cultural discovery and who would like to supplement their finances by working in France.


1. Program Eligibility Conditions

Applicants must:

-  Be between the ages of 18 and 35 at the time of application;

-  Be citizens of Canada and reside in Canada at the time of application;

-  Have a Canadian passport that is valid for at least six months following the end date of the visit to France;

-  Have received neither this visa nor any other visa referenced in the youth mobility agreement (young professional development, inter-university exchange, applied industry placement) in the past;

-  Provide proof of financial resources with a value of at least $3,000 Canadian dollars for the duration of the stay in France (airfare not included in this figure);

-  Provide proof of insurance covering at least health care (hospitalization included) and repatriation. This coverage must be valid for the duration of the stay in France, as there is no guarantee that candidates will be eligible for coverage as it is provided in the host country.

2. Work Holiday Visa (PVT)

    • The PVT is valid:

      Duration of stay: 4–12 months (with possibility of a 12-month-extension while
      in France. This can be followed by an additional 12-month study or internship period) upon arrival in French territory;

      In the départements of the Republic of France, including its overseas départements (Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guyana, La Réunion, and Mayotte), and in the territory of Saint Pierre and Miquelon.

    • PVT holders cannot extend the duration of their stay beyond the authorized period of time, nor can they change their status during the stay.
    • PVT is only issued once. Be careful, as we cannot issue a new PVT in the event of the loss or theft of your passport before your departure or during your time in France.

3. Where to send your application

- Depending on your province of residence, you have to submit your dossier to your local visa centre. More information

4. Documents required in application dossiers

We recommend that you assemble your application dossier very carefully. Errors or omissions can significantly delay the assessment of your application.

5. Key details

  • PVT is free.
  • Application dossiers are assessed in the order they are received.
  • All incomplete applications will be returned to sender.
  • Providing all of the necessary documents does not guarantee automatic issuance of a PVT.
  • Applications must be submitted no earlier than three months before the date of arrival in France and no later than four weeks before the date of arrival in France.
  • The form must be completed in French or in English.

- The France-Canada Youth Mobility Agreement

Last modified on 08/08/2019

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