Chairs of Excellence Program of the Foundation Nanosciences

The Foundation Nanosciences is launching a call of proposals of its Chairs of excellence Program in Nanoscience.

About the Foundation Nanosciences

The Foundation Nanosciences has been created to support the Research focused on "Nanosciences at the frontiers of nanoelectronics” which is performed within our associated network of laboratories called the ’RTRA’ (Réseau Thématique de Recherche Avancée). This network includes 33 laboratories and about 1000 scientists across the various research institutions based in Grenoble.

The Foundation’s main goals are to foster a world-class Nanosciences Research within our network’s laboratories by encouraging collaborative and multidisciplinary projects and extending the international reputation of Grenoble as a leader in the nanosciences field.

Chairs of Excellence of the Foundation Nanosciences

The program Chairs of Excellence has been created to attract talented researchers to Grenoble to develop a research project in emerging fields of nanosciences in one of the network’s laboratories.

A Chair duration from 9 months (which might be split over three years) to 3 years. During their stay, the awarded scientists will have to commit themselves in science diffusion and education by giving seminars and courses at the Doctoral level. The hosting period may start from January 2013.

The award package includes an internationally competitive salary, social security, travel expenses and research support for hiring a PhD student and a post-doc and additional fund for operating costs to reinforce the successful candidate’s research activities.


The Chairs of Excellence are open to both junior and senior foreign scientists.

The Applicant must present an ambitious and innovative project including one ou several members of the foundation.

The Foundation is seeking outstanding candidates in the general field of nanosciences and nanotechnology. The candidates will preferably have a strong expertise/background in one or several of the following fields:
-  Quantum nanoelectronics
-  Nanomaterials, nanobonding and Nanostructuration
-  Nanomagnetism and Spintronics
-  Nanocharacterization and Nanometrology
-  Nanophotonics
-  Nano-approaches to life sciences
-  Molecular electronics
-  Nanomodeling, theory and simulation.

More details about the fields can be downloaded below:

PDF - 873.7 kb
Nanosciences Chair - Doc Info
(PDF - 873.7 kb)


The applicants must take contacts with one or several laboratories of the Foundation

- List of the laboratories
- Members of the Steering Committee

The application form can be downloaded below. It must be fully completed and transmitted by the way of this link.

Word - 174.5 kb
Application form - Nanosciences Chairs of Excellence 2012
(Word - 174.5 kb)

For more information, click here.

The application form must be transmitted by internet before SEPTEMBER 16, 2012

For more info, please contact Stéphanie Monfront:

March 26, 2012


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