CETA Meeting at the Embassy of France

On Tuesday, November 16, 2011, the Embassy of France in Canada hosted an information and exchange session on the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement currently being negotiated by Canada and the European Union, commonly referred to as CETA, (or AECG in French).

The event was organized by Carleton University, with the support of MPs Chisholm, Wayne Easter and Robert Merrifield, as well as the participation of the European Union’s diplomatic community.

The Carleton Univeristy Initiative for Parliamentary and Diplomatic Engagement

In 2006, the European Commission designated Carleton University’s Centre for European Studies an EU Centre of Excellence and coordinator of the Canadian Network of EU Centres of Excellence.

The Carleton University Initiative for Parliamentary and Diplomatic Engagement got its start thanks to the Faculty of Public Affairs in a joint effort with the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Engineering and Design, the Faculty of Science, and the Sprott School of Business.

The Program serves the parliamentary and diplomatic communities by offering orientation sessions for new MPs and diplomats, information sessions, policy seminars as well as special activities. It has been endorsed by more than 20 former prime ministers, deputy prime ministers, foreign ministers, cabinet ministers, party leaders, ambassadors and provincial premiers, as well as business leaders and organizations that promote the best in political and public life.

Last modified on 25/11/2011

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