CEA visited the NRC facilities to talk about microalgal biofuels

A delegation from the CEA Life Sciences Department visited the NRC facilities in

Ottawa to talk about scientific collaboration involving microalgal biofuels

Ottawa, October 12th, 2012

In early October, a delegation from the Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission (CEA), under the direction of heads of its Life Sciences and Technological Resources departments, came to Canada to explore the possibility of collaborating with the National Research Council (NRC) on advancing research into microalgae and its conversion into biofuel. The delegation attended a colloquium at the Oceanic Research Centre in Halifax, then it met with representatives of the industrial sector in Toronto, and, finally, it met with upper-level representatives of the NRC in Ottawa.

The events of this week have helped strengthen the connection between the CEA and the NRC, a connection made official in 2008 with the signing of a memorandum of understanding. Further France-Canada collaboration is under consideration in the upcoming but little-known field of fourth-generation biofuels produced from microalgae.

Rencontre du CEA avec le CNRC - JPEG

From left to right:
Ed Hogan (Thermochemical Conversion, NRCan),
Eric Maréchal (iRSTV, CEA),
Gilles Peltier (LB3M &HélioBiotec, CEA),
Renaud Blaise (International Relations, CEA),
Florent Delrue (Technological Resources, CEA),
Julio Sevilla (National Research Council),
Giovanni Finazzi (iRSTV, CEA),
Sandrine Caduc (Embassy of Canada in France),
Gilles Bloch (Life Sciences Department President, CEA),
Pierre Richaud (LB3M, CEA),
Kevin Jonasson (ICPET, National Research Council),
Terry McIntyre (BioFuelNet),
Kevin Fitzgibbons (Innovation & Technology, DFAIT),
Félix Portello (Embassy of France in Canada).

NRCan: Natural Resources Canada
CEA: Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission
iRSTV: CEA Institute for Research in Life Technology and Sciences
LB3M: CEA Laboratory of Microalgal and Bacterial Bioenergetics and Biotechnology
CNRC: National Research Council
ICPET: NRC Institute for Chemical Process and Environmental Technology
DFAIT: Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada

Article created in October 19th, 2012

Last modified on 21/07/2016

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