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Business France is the national agency working toward globalizing the French economy. It is in charge of international business development and exporting, as well as prospecting and receiving foreign investment in France. It promotes France’s economic image and attractiveness, its companies and its regions.

Business France Canada has offices in the country’s two economic epicenters - Toronto and Montreal - as well as mobile teams throughout the country. These Canadian locations are part of Business France’s regional North American network with a total of eight offices and antennas across the continent.


Helping businesses at the international level

The Business France Canada team combines skills and experience to facilitate commercial relations between French and North American companies with two goals: to facilitate investments made by Canadian companies in France and to help French companies with development projects in Canada.

INVEST: Business France Canada helps Canadian companies survey and invest in the French market. The team helps investors navigate the process, providing a personalized service to build a project based on their goals. Various services are provided free of charge and with full confidentiality:

  • INFORM: provide all necessary information on the investments.
  • ADVISE: present best offer to the French host territories.
  • TO SUPPORT DECISION-MAKERS: facilitate all official and technical contact.
  • MOBILIZE PUBLIC ASSISTANCE: help set up financial aid for projects.

EXPORT: Business France Canada helps French companies develop projects for the Canadian market through individualized support or collective operations designed to serve delegations with common issues: discovery missions, French booths at international trade shows, sourcing missions for key accounts, development and fast-track programs, etc.

The synergy advantage for businesses

Team France Export & Team France Invest brings together all the major players in international development to serve France. As a member, Business France works closely with networks in France and abroad to identify, analyze, plan and support French businesses’ international development projects and the investment projects of Canadian companies in France.

Services offered by Team France Export are based on the 4 axes of the export strategy:

OUTLINING THE PROJECT by studying the markets, evaluating potential and building skills
PROSPECTING, SELLING, COMMUNICATING by providing customized services or carrying out general marketing and prospecting operations
ACCELERATING DEVELOPMENT through fast-track programs and the Volunteer for International Experience program

Areas of focus for both investment and export projects:

AGROTECH: food processing industries and technologies
⦁ ART DE VIVRE AND SERVICES: fashion, housing, beauty, sport, tourism, leisure and innovative services
INDUSTRIES AND TECH: infrastructure, transport, industry, energy, environment, new technologies and innovation
HEALTH: medical technologies and equipment, biotechnologies

[French Trade Commission - Business France Canada]

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