Boualem Sansal at the Ottawa International writers’ festival

Boualem Sansal will participate to « Spotlight on New Islamic Fiction » this Saturday October 24 at 4pm at Saint-Brigid’s (St Patrick and Cumberland). His latest novel, The German Mujahid, has just been translated from French into English and is published by Europa Editions.

JPEG Boualem Sansal was born in 1949 in Algeria. Since his debut novel, Le serment des barbares, winner of the Best First Novel Prize in France in 1999, he has been widely considered to be one of his country’s most important contemporary authors.

Based on a true story, his latest novel, The German Mujahid is a reflection on guilt and history. The two Schiller brothers, Rachel and Malrich, were born in a small village in Algeria to a German father and an Algerian mother, and were raised by an elderly uncle in a housing project in France. When Islamic fundamentalists murder the young men’s parents in Algeria, the destinies of both brothers are transformed. Rachel discovers the shocking truth about his family and buckles under the weight of the sins of his father, a former SS officer. Malrich, the outcast, will have to face that same awful truth alone.

Banned in the author’s native Algeria, The German Mujahid is a groundbreaking novel. The author addresses the moral implications of the Holocaust, the emergence of Islamic fundamentalism in France’s housing projects and Algeria’s war of the early 1990s.


Boualem Sansal will read and talk about The German Mujahid as part of the « Spotlight on New Islamic Fiction » this Saturday, October 24, at 4pm at Saint-Brigid’s. The event will feature two other authors, Qaisra Sharaz (Pakistan/U.K.) and Laleh Khadivi (Iran/ USA).

Boualem Sansal will speak in French with simultaneous English translation. A signing will conclude the event.



For further information about the Ottawa International Writers’ Festival (from Oct 21 to 27, 2009) and to purchase tickets, click here or call (613) 562-1243..

15$ adults / 10$ students


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