Beautiful gift to the people of France

Presentation of the painting “Eagle Feather Ceremony” by Algonquin Artist Bradley MacDonald “Dreamwalker” a gift to the people of France through the French Ambassador in Ottawa.

The story associated with the painting is that: “The Algonquin people for generations have held the sacredness of eagle feathers in the highest regard.

When an eagle feather falls and touches the ground there is the requirement of a dance ceremony to be conducted by the greatest of honored Elders to raise up the feathers to be carried by those in the Nation with impeccable spirit and uncompromising principles to all beings.

When an eagle feather falls it is seen as the loss of a member in our family, Our sacred loved ones, and the beauty that they bring into the world. That is the reason why the dancers that conduct this ceremony must be recognized by the entire family as ones that have faced great suffering and never faulted or forgotten about their humanity.

Though faced with the sadness in our hearts it’s in our souls that we raise up these feathers in memory of the sacredness of the lives we lost. The love and the joy that they shared with us and the promise to live in a better way for each other.
Sacred, that’s what the eagle feathers are to our people just as you are our family we dance beside you to raise up the minds and hearts of all to cherish life’s beauty.”

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“Eagle Feather Ceremony” par l’artiste Algonquin Bradley MacDonald “Dreamwalker”

Guests included: Chief Terence McBride, Timiskaming First Nation; Anthony Rota, MP (Nipissing-Timiskaming, Ontario); the Honourable Hunter Tootoo, MP (Nunavut) and Minister of Fisheries, Oceans, and the Canadian Coast Guard; and Chief Kirby Whiteduck, Algonquins of Pikwakanagan First Nation.




Last modified on 21/09/2017

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