"Ambassadeurs en herbe" competition [fr]

The Ambassadeurs en herbe [Budding Ambassadors] competition recognizes excellence in public speaking from the primary to high school levels. Under the sponsorship of UNESCO, this initiative was launched by the Pedagogical Service of the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE), which then began offering the program throughout its academic network covering more than 130 countries.

This year’s theme: equality between men and women
L'ambassadeur de France reçoit les participants du tournoi Ambassadeurs en herbe - JPEG
The Ambassador of France greets Ambassadeurs en herbe competition participants

This year, the North American finals take place March 21st at Lycée Claudel, in Ottawa.

Students from four Canadian secondary schools (Collège Stanislas and Collège International Marie de France in Montréal; Lycée Français de Toronto; and Lycée Claudel, in Ottawa) and four American secondary schools (Lyceum Kennedy and the Lycée Francais de New York; the Lycée Français de San Francisco; and Lycée Rochambeau, in Washington) were facing off today to determine who will be the star team representing North America at the grand international finals that will take place at UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

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Le jury

Ils étaient 40, ils ne sont plus que 10 à s'affronter pour sélectionner les 5 élèves qui représenteront l'Amérique du Nord à Paris dans quelques semaines. - JPEG

And the winners are....


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Crédits photo : Ambassade de France

- Chloé EVANS (Lycée Français de San Francisco)

- Margherita MICALETTI-HINOJAL (lycée Français de New York)

- Jimmy MURARI (Lycée Français de Toronto)

- Natalia PURKEY (Collège Stanislas de Montréal)

- Amina SANOGO (Lycée Claudel d’Ottawa).

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