BPIFrance now accepting proposals for innovative collaborative projects [fr]

BPIFrance is now accepting submissions for innovative collaborative projects. Industry partners are invited to submit a general overview of their projects before December 15th, 2014, to be included in this first session.
Visit the BPIFrance website for more information about this initiative:

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Left to right:
Sylvie Beland, Director of Research & Development (Aerospace);
Thierry Blin, Economic Attaché, Embassy of France;
Bogdan Ciobanu, Vice-President, PARI, CNRC;
Paul-François Fournier, Vice-President and Chief Innovation Officer, Bpifrance;
Eric Holdrinet, Industrial Technology Advisor, PARI, CNRC;
Mathieu Lefaivre, Industrial Technology Advisor, PARI, CNRC;
Carole Morneau, Senior Advisor (International Relations), CNRC.

On October 29th, 2014, in Montreal, Mr. Bogdan Ciobanu, Vice-President of the CNRC-PARI, and Mr. Paul-François Fournier, Vice-President and Chief Innovation Officer for Bpifrance, signed a letter of agreement renewing the cooperative agreement between the National Research Council of Canada and France’s Banque publique d’investissement, otherwise known as Bpifrance. This agreement, which provides for co-financing of innovative projects involving French and Canadian companies, figures into the larger scale of the declaration regarding the Canada-France 2013–2015 Joint Action Plan in the fields of science and technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

The goal of this agreement is to respond to the needs of companies from the two countries, with a view to developing collaborative initiatives focused on new products and innovative industrial procedures. With this point of view, the CNRC and Bpifrance will expand the scope of their cooperation by maintaining their support for collaborative R&D projects, which remain a priority target, and by expanding their collaborative activities to cover innovative partnerships between French and Canadian companies and exchanges between technology incubators, technology accelerators, and generators of added value, growth, and export potential.

On this basis, Bpifrance and the NRC have agreed to define a joint action plan involving close collaboration with competitiveness clusters that target innovative French and Canadian companies. This action plan will be presented to the Canada-France Working Group on Innovation.

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M. Bodan Ciobanu, vice-président du CNRC-PARI (à droite), et M. Paul-François Fournier, vice-président et directeur exécutif de l’innovation à Bpifrance
Mr. Bogdan Ciobanu, Vice-President of the CNRC-PARI (at right), and Mr. Paul-François Fournier, Vice-President and Chief Innovation Officer for Bpifrance

Key points of this agreement:

  • Launch of a call for innovative proposals bringing together French and Canadian SMEs
  • Implementation of joint processes providing coordination of financing
  • Attribution of the EUREKA designation to selected projects at the request of companies
  • Introduction of collaborative projects between SMEs and large-scale companies, particularly through EUREKA Clusters
  • Facilitation of reciprocal accommodation of start-ups in incubators and accelerators
  • Expansion of the selection of collaborative project targets to include non-technological innovation
  • Pursuit of potential collaboration with other countries
  • Identify events in support of the agreement in key sectors of cooperation
  • Exchange of best practices regarding national systems of support for innovation

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