"A Canadian journalist at the European Union?"

The French Presidency of the EU had the pleasure to invite members of the media for a luncheon on Canadian media coverage of the European Union, at the Chateau Laurier on Friday, December 5th 2008.

The guest speakers were :

- Steffi Retzlaff (British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) in Vancouver) co-author of the paper, Constructing the European Union in Canadian News,

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Representing the UE in Canadian print media
(PowerPoint - 264.5 kb)

- Chris Waddell, Associate Director of the Carleton Journalism School

With 1,125 accredited journalists in Brussels from all over the world, the EU hosts the world’s largest press gallery for foreign correspondents. Without a Canadian media representative in Brussels, Canadians are not getting news about the EU that is relevant to them. The EU affects the world when it makes a decision, and Canadians need to be kept informed about how the EU is affecting them. From business news to border laws, Canadians need to know of what’s going on across the pond so that they can plan their lives back home. The discussion on “A Canadian Journalist at the European Union?” was designed to find out why Canadians should care about the EU, why there is no Canadian coverage of the EU right now, and how to change the situation. This event has been organized as part of the European Commission’s public diplomacy and outreach program in Canada./.

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