400th anniversary of the foundation of Quebec City

Excerpt from the Press conference about the French presence in the 400th anniversary of the foundation of Quebec City

Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, Mr Bernard Kouchner (Paris, October 8th, 2007)

Francophonie, in my eyes, is the second point after our common History. Let us remember that Quebec City and Canada were founded in the same year. We must not let the love we have for Quebec overshadow our love for Canada.

Francophonie encapsulates more than a common language, than an enriched language, than this marvellous accent that reminds us of where we come from: as is highlighted by this beautiful museum, in such a fine way, we were together in the formation of this accent, in these places.

Francophonie is a way to see the future, it’s a fraternal and democratic way to understand the world. For the 400th anniversary of the creation of Quebec City, we are reminded of the current common projects shared between our Canadian friends, our friends from Quebec and France. We have common projects, but we also have a number of common methods, and joint efforts. Recently I welcomed my counterpart, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and we are, as I mentioned, together in Afghanistan where, as in other peace missions, Canadians are present, with Quebeckers among them.

In sharing a language, we have duties concerning certain morals and a certain vision of the world, of this now global world. I’m delighted by our exchanges, at all levels, in all the seminars that will be organised, in all the regions that you mentioned, Mister Prime Minister. I’m delighted that we can recall this common vision which compels a great deal of effort but that leaves us less alone when facing serious problems, such as those that I mentioned. Finally, I’m impressed by the marvellous rooms of the Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine, which were inaugurated by the President of the Republic.

I congratulate you, and I plan to visit Quebec and Canada on several occasions.

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