Discours de l’ambassadeur pour les 30 ans d’Airbus Helicopters

Discours de l’Ambassadeur de France à l’occasion des 30 ans d’Airbus Helicopters

Le 19 septembre 2014
A Fort-Erié


The Honourable Ed Fast,
Federal Minister of International Trade

The Honourable James Bradley,
Deputy Government House Leader, Chair of the Cabinet - Ontario Government

Mr. Wayne Gates,
Member of Provincial Parliament, Niagara Falls

His Worship Mayor Douglas Martin,
Mayor Fort Erie

Deputy Commissioner Brad Blair,
Ontario Provincial Police

Mr. Romain Trapp,
President, Airbus Helicopters Canada

Mr. Dominique Maudet,
Executive Vice President, Global Business and Service, Airbus Helicopters

Mr. Declan O’Shea,
President & CEO, Vector

Mr. Marc Paganini,
President & CEO, Airbus Helicopters Incorporated

Mr. Rudy Palladina,
Chairman, Airbus Helicopters Canada

Mr. Jim Doak, Director,
Board of Directors, Airbus Helicopters Canada

Ret’d General Ray Henault,
Director, Board of Directors, Airbus Helicopters Canada

The EU was in 2013 the second commercial partner of Canada, totalising 7% of canadian exports of goods (including aeronautical components) and 8,5% of canadian imports of goods (also including aeronautical components). That gives you the already excellent level of economic exchanges between us.

Furthermore, the recent finalisation of our Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) will further enhance this strong relationship, particularly I think in areas like transport, energy, services, science and technology and professional mobility. The upgrade of our relationship in Trade should be of at least 20%, or 25 billion canadian dollars, in the coming years.

As a major european industrial contributor and perfect exemple of the Franco-German business cooperation from its creation, the AIRBUS Group is a key player in the development of transatlantic economic relations. And as a major part of that group, AIRBUS helicopters has been from the beginning at the forefront of the extraordinary expansion of corporate and government use of helicopters throughout the world.

Therefore, recognising the tremendous importance of North America in this development, the creation of the industrial subsidiary AIRBUS Helicopters Canada became evident. After 30 years of investments in facilities, material and of course in people of the highest quality, I am proud to say that AIRBUS Helicopters Canada has become a major player in the Canadian aeronautical sector.

As for the economic ties between France and Ontario, of which we can all be proud of, France is the 10th commercial partner of the province, especially with the greater Toronto area : 800 MCAD are imported by France from Ontario whereas 1,8 BCAD are imported by Ontario from France. Relations in which helicopters have a large share.
We count about 200 french companies present in Ontario, in industry (aeronautics, transport, energy, parmaceuticals, food and beverages), in services (finance, councelling, hospitality and facilities management) and of course in consumer goods.

Airbus helicopters plays an important role among these companies, and I would like to personaly thank each and everyone of you who, by ensuring the professional successes of your company both in the fields of local contracting and export, bring an essential contribution to the development of this business relation between our two countries.

Thank you

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