2013 France Canada Research Fund results [fr]

2013 FCRF results: 2 cotutelles (joint PhDs) scholarships and 15 collaborative research projects. Also 2 PhD scholarships funded by the French Minister

The France-Canada Research Fund set a meeting in Lyon in France on Tuesday May 14th 2013 to select the 15 most qualified collaborative research projects and two cotutelles (joint PhDs) among those shortlisted.

15 France-Canada research projects have been selected out of the 89 shortlisted applications and two cotutelles have been selected out of 10 applications.

The French Ministry of Research and Higher Education has generously supplemented three projects with a PhD contract.

Collaborative Research projects and French Minister PhD Scholarships

Congratulations to our 15 granted France-Canada teams:

  • Victor APPAY and Mark BROCKMAN
  • Sébastien BARATTE and Roger CROLL
  • Pierre CARTIGNY and David WIDORY + a PhD Scholarship
  • Alain CELZARD and Hani E. NAGUIB
  • Jost ENNINGA and John ROHDE
  • Frédéric GERBEAU and Andrew BLABER
  • Rafael GOURIVEAU and Jie LIU
  • Pascal HOT and Patrick DAVIDSON
  • Marc LEPELTIER and Jaclyn BRUSSO
  • Hervé LIEBGOTT and Damien GARCIA
  • Dominique LUNEAU and Natia FRANK
  • Eric MONACELLI and François ROUTHIER
  • Lionel PATRONE and Jean-Michel NUNZI + a PhD Scholarship
  • Alexis TADIE and Daniel J. O’QUINN + a PhD Scholarship
  • Frédéric VIDAL and John D.W. MADDEN

Please find here more details on the projects:

PDF - 35.1 kb
2013 FCRF collaborative research projects
(PDF - 35.1 kb)

The two cotutelle scholarships have been allocated to :

  • Megan COTNAM
  • Stephanie HARVARD

Please find here more details on these two cotutelles:

PDF - 19.2 kb
2013 FCRF Cotutelles
(PDF - 19.2 kb)

The numerous very high-quality applications that have been submitted to FCRF demonstrate the strong and healthy scientific collaboration between France and Canada.

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