2012 European Union Film Festival [fr]


The European Union Film Festival is an opportunity to discover new European films selected by the Embassies, Consulates, and Cultural Centres of the European Union member countries present in the three Canadian cities taking part in the Festival—Ottawa, Vancouver, and Toronto—to represent the richness and diversity of the film industries of their countries. This festival is also an opportunity for dialogue and to meet new people, particularly with members of the teams behind the selected films.

The European Union Film Festival is organized as part of a partnership between, on one hand, the European Union and its member States, and, on the other hand, the Canadian Film Institute and Library and Archives Canada in Ottawa, the Pacific Cinémathèque in Vancouver, and private partners in Toronto.

This year, the Festival is chaired by the Embassy of Ireland and coordinated by the Canadian Film Institute and the Pacific Cinémathèque.

Important dates - Ottawa :

Press conference/Lunch : November 7th, from 12PM to 2PM, at the EU Delegation (1900-150 Metcalfe St)

Official opening of the Festival: Thursday, November 15th under Irish presidency.

Festival dates : Thursday, November 15th to Sunday, December 2nd, 2012.

Location: Library and Archives Canada Auditorium.

Website: 27th European Union Film Festival

French film screening


Holy Motors
Saturday, November 17th, at 7PM

Cannes Film Festival 2012
Cannes Prix de la jeunesse 2012
Directed by Léos Carax

With Denis Lavant, Edith Scob, Eva Mendes, Kylie Minogue, Elise Lhomeau, Jeanne Disson, Michel Piccoli

Synopsis : A few hours, from dusk to dawn, in the existence of Monsieur Oscar, a being who travels from life to another. He is a captain of industry, a murderer, a beggar, a monstrous creature, and a family man, one after the other… Monsieur Oscar seems to play roles, throwing himself into each one—but where are the cameras? He is alone, except for Céline, the slender blonde woman at the wheel of the immense machine that shuttles him through and around Paris. He is like a meticulous assassin moving from one target to another, in pursuit of the beauty of the act, the driving force, the women and phantoms of his life. But where is his home, his family, his rest?

Leos Carax, director:
1984 - Boy meets girl
1986 - Mauvais Sang
1991 - Les Amants Du Pont-neuf [The Lovers on the Bridge]
1999 – Pola X
2008 - Tokyo ! (co-directed with Michel Gondry and Bong Joon-ho)
2012 - Holy Motors

The EUFF also has events scheduled in Vancouver and Toronto:

- Vancouver :

15th edition
Festival dates: November 23rd – December 6th, 2012.
Location:Pacific Cinémathèque.

- Toronto :

8th edition.
Festival dates: November 14th – 27th, 2012.
Location: Royal Cinéma.

  • Screening of the French film – Adieu Berthe ou l’enterrement de mémé by Bruno Podalydès

    Friday, November 23rd at 9PM.


For more information, please contact:
Gaëlle Essoo Press Attaché at the Embassy of France in Ottawa

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