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The French Ministry of Foreign Affaires has decided to close down its Consular section in Ottawa. This is part of a general program affecting our diplomatic implementation abroad.

Since July 1st, 2005, no ordinary visa can be issued in Ottawa (Schengen visas and other short term visas ; long term visas, including student visas as well as visas granted within the youth exchange program between France and Canada).

Since July 1st, 2005, applicants for ordinary visas, of all nationalities, will have to apply to the French General Consulate in Montréal (in French) if their permanent address is in Québec or to the French General Consulate in Toronto if their permanent address is in Ontario.

Please be informed that visas on diplomatic or service passports are still issued at the Embassy of France in Ottawa. Therefore, the closure of its Consular section will not affect whatsoever the issuance of visas for government expatriates to France or diplomatic or consular missions in Ottawa, as long as the applicants hold a valid official passport.

Last modified on 03/01/2018

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