Summer 2009 screenings

  • Zazie in the metro by Louis Malle

    Directed in 1960, Zazie in the metro is a very innovative film. Adapted from the famous novel, written by Raymond Queneau, Louis Malle’s movie dynamically portrays the modern and poetical language of the original written work.

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  • Elevator to the gallows by Louis Malle

    As part of
    a Louis Malle retrospective,
    The Embassy of France in Canada
    The Canadian Film Institute
    are happy to present
    Elevator to the gallows
    a film by Louis Malle
    Louis Malle’s first full-length (...)

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  • Les Diaboliques by Henri-Georges Clouzot

    Adaptated from the thriller novel, CELLE QUI N’ETAIT PLUS (She Who Was No More),by Pierre Boileau and Thomas Narcejac, "Les Diaboliques" is a film noir, full of suspense worthy of the genre master Hitchcock. Made in 1955, this film is still considered a masterpiece.

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