• Agreement for a double degree program in Civil Law

    On September 5, Mr. Gilles G. Patry, President and Vice-Chancellor of the
    University of Ottawa, and Mr. Olivier Audéoud, President of the Univerity of
    Paris 10, signed an agreement for a double degree program in Civil Law at
    Master level.

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  • Rugby World Cup in France (September 7 - October 20, 2007)

    From 7 September to 12 October 2007, France will be going oval. Indeed, ten French towns are now getting ready to host the 20 national teams who will confront one another at the 6th Rugby World Cup. Among the spectators will be 80 teenagers aged from 15 to 17 from all over the world, invited to attend the event by the Jeune Planète Rugby association.

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