Research and innovation in France

  • Research in France

    France is a first-class scientific powerhouse in Europe and in the world:
    -* With 41 billion euros allocated to R&D (DIRD) (2.1% of its GDP), out of which 63% is contributed by the private sector, France ranks (...)

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  • Innovation in france

    The National Research and Innovation Strategy (NRIS), launched in 2009 by the Ministry for Higher Education and Research (MHER), is a result of large-scale cooperation between the research and innovation actors in (...)

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  • Public Research Organizations

    -* Public research outside of universities, engineering schools, CHU and grands établissements is produced by Public Scientific and Technical Research Establishments (EPST) and Public Industrial and (...)

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  • Research in French Institutions for Higher Education

    Some figures
    Higher education institutions comprise, in addition to 83 universities: :
    -* 3 national polytechnic institutes,
    -* 4 Écoles normales supérieures,
    -* 5 French schools abroad,
    -* 2 (...)

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