France and Canada have developed strong and harmonious relations. Canada is one of France’s major partners, namely in the following four areas: culture, given the two countries’ shared history and emotional ties; (...)
  • Political affairs and institutional cooperation

    Frequent high-importance visits
    After his first visit to France in July 2006, the Canadian Prime Minister traveled to Paris twice in 2007. First, on April 9, 2007, Mr. Stephen Harper attended (...)

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  • Economic relations

    The Regional Economic Service handles complex issues within the context of France-Canada bilateral relations (trade of goods and services, French investments in Canada, different sector policies, in particular in (...)

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  • Cultural Cooperation

    Cultural cooperation covers five fields.
    Priority is given to cultural and audiovisual industries, the digital economy (2013 Digital Action Plan), student mobility (in cooperation with the Campus France agency), (...)

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  • Justice and National Security

    France and Canada are connected through several international, bilateral and multilateral conventions, both civil and penal. In Ottawa in September 2002, in order to facilitate the application of these international (...)

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  • Defence

    A/ Bilateral meetings
    -* Annual Comité Franco-Canadien de Coopération Militaire (CFCCM) meeting
    The CFCCM meeting is held each year between the French and Canada General Staff to discuss relevant multiservice (...)

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  • Regional agreement: Saint Pierre and Miquelon

    The Saint Pierre and Miquelon situation is an opportunity for France and for the Atlantic Canadian provinces. We encourage cooperation development in numerous areas such as environment, health, aquaculture, tourism (...)

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