Higher education cooperation

  • Actions for higher education cooperation

    The Office for Science and Technology is in charge, with the cultural service, of collaborations between French and Canadian higher education institutions.
    The Office for Science and Technology (OST) promotes (...)

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  • Instruments for university cooperation

    Student Exchanges
    Student exchanges are not double degrees but can lead to their creation. The students who choose such curricula register at their home university. This type of agreements creates reciprocal (...)

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  • International joint PhD or “cotutelle”

    What is a “cotutelle”?
    A cotutelle is a PhD program offered jointly by two higher education institutions: one in Canada, the other one in France. It allows the students to get a double/joint PhD degree delivered and (...)

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  • Double and joint degrees

    Double and joint degrees deal with a restricted number of students as they were created to enhance the value of existing diplomas. The students are selected by their home university which proposes their (...)

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