• The Battle of Vimy Ridge

    France and Canada commemorated the 90th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge. Prime Ministers Dominique de Villepin, Stephen Harper and Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II attended.

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  • International conference in Paris on children involved in armed forces and armed groups (February 5 and 6, 2007)

    The number of children recruited or used by armed forces and armed groups is estimated at 250,000 in 2007. The purpose of the conference is the adoption by the states present of a text called the Paris Commitments to stop the illegal and unacceptable use of children in armed conflict. The conference will call for the preparation of new programs to care for, protect and reintegrate child soldiers by reaffirming the active support of states for Security Council resolutions on the issue and providing political support to disseminating the “Paris Principles,” drafted under UNICEF auspices, which update the “Cape Town Principles” (1979).

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  • "Citizens of the Earth”

    At the instigation of the President of the Republic, a conference for global ecological governance was held in Paris on 2-3 February 2007. In a spirit of good world ecological citizenship, the Paris Conference brought together government ministers, scientists, company heads, NGOs and public figures from over sixty countries around the world.

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  • 3rd World Conference against the Death Penalty (February 1-3, 2007)

    The fight against the death penalty is a fight for human dignity and is supported by the French authorities in their entirety. France is honored to host this meeting of abolitionists from all over the world who are working in sometimes extremely difficult conditions to outlaw capital punishment.

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