Consulates - Visas

The first article refers to the general procedure re: the request of visa and the competence of the French consulates vs. the French Embassy, whereas the second article refers specifically to the Youth-Exchange (...)
  • Consulates - Visas

    IMPORTANT INFORMATION : The consular section of the Embassy of France in Ottawa has closed down on June 30, 2005. Find out how to apply for a visa since July 1st 2005. Click here for more information French (...)

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  • France-Canada youth exchange agreement

    Youth Exchanges Agreement
    On October 3rd, 2003, the French and Canadian governments signed an agreement concerning youth exchange programs. This agreement allows 14,000 Canadians and French youths to travel to (...)

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  • France-Canada Youth Mobility Agreement

    Who is eligible?
    How long can this visit to France be?
    Where can you find/submit the necessary application?

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  • You wish to visit Saint-Pierre and Miquelon?

    You wish to visit Saint-Pierre and Miquelon?
    Canadians and foreign nationals holding Canadian identification documents, and entering Saint-Pierre and Miquelon directly from Canada, are exempted from passport and (...)

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