Air ticket solidarity contribution

  • Introduction

    The principle of innovative sources of financing is widely supported and a group of pioneering countries have undertaken to implement an air-ticket solidarity contribution. The objectives of the present campaign is to broadening the geographical base of the air-ticket contribution and convincing other participating countries to earmark some of their revenues for pandemics.

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  • Why introduce international solidarity levies?

    To generate more revenue for developing countries; to generate more stable and more predictable revenue in order to meet the needs of the developing countries; These levies would be implemented nationally and coordinated internationally; an instrument for regulating globalisation that transcends the North/South divide

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  • A simple, equitable and economically neutral tool

    A mechanism that is easy to implement and fully respects national tax sovereignty ; A virtually neutral contribution from an economic standpoint; A flexible and fair mechanism

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  • One response to the public health challenges facing developing countries

    The actions taken so far to eradicate pandemics in developing countries fall short of what is needed; Improving access to treatment in poor countries means reducing the cost and increasing the production of medical drugs; France proposes that part of the proceeds of the international air-ticket solidarity contribution be used to fund purchases of drugs in order to reduce the cost and spur production of antiretroviral.

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